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NursePass & NursePort
City: Lafayette, IN
Country: United States

Connecting School Nurses with Teachers & Parents


NursePass is a HIPAA compliant technology that provides peace of mind for students, school nurses and teachers. In addition, parents/guardians are afforded the same peace of mind upon downloading NursePort (the NursePass companion app) also available in the App Store.

NursePass digitizes the communication from classroom teacher to the school nurse with instant custom notifications about the student’s wellness status.

Best for Pre-K and K-12 schools and academies. Also used for students and/or patients of any kind by daycare centers, camp counselors, interscholastic athletic trainers, events for children, and higher education settings.

NursePass app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is designed for school nurses and teachers. It can be used right away by teachers to create classrooms of students to send health referrals to the nurse. The nurse will then receive the referral from the app to check the student in and record treatment and dispositions. Everyone in the process is kept informed via instant push notifications within NursePass to the teacher, and NursePort to the parents/guardian. The data collected can be used to keep health records in the school’s main health database.

• All PHI data is handled by a HIPAA compliant secure server at TrueVault.


• A paperless, digital referral process from student’s teacher to school nurse, and in the end to the parent.
• Keeps the school nurse informed while the student is en route to the nurse’s office.
• Lessens the burden on some children having trouble communicating their wellness condition to the nurse.
• Optimizes the preparation time that the school nurse needs to assess and prepare for the incoming student.
• Both teachers and nurses can create new health referrals.
• Streamlines the time-consuming task of data entry.


• Teachers manage student rosters in their classroom on NursePass. Assistant teachers and subs can join in to manage the same classroom and students.
• Nurses join one or more classrooms or groups simply by remotely entering a secure code shared to them by teachers.
• For some particular cases (camps, kids events etc), nurses themselves can also create, edit or leave classrooms or groups, as well as invite other teachers and nurses to join their classroom or group.


• Instant push notifications between teachers and school nurses (or designee) about student wellness status. Companion app NursePort sends instant notifications to parents/guardians.
• Once the child receives treatment, the teachers, and optionally the parents, are instantly notified of the child’s status.
• Option for nurses to turn off notifications, if needed while working on many referrals at the same time.


• Student History allows nurse and teacher to view past referrals’ symptoms, treatments, and dispositions.


• Parents can be invited to use NursePort, the companion app that securely and privately receive student health referrals information.
• Nurses choose whether it’s really necessary for the parents to be notified about an incident.
• Nurses maintain parents’ contact information up to date, and can email, call or text parents right from within the app.


• Clarity and reference visualization of patient’s areas that need care.
• Nurses can customize symptoms and treatment options lists for all the classrooms that they manage.
• Dialog box to allow the nurse to quickly enter the temperature reading.

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