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City: Oradea
Country: Romania

Octavic provides flexible Industry 4.0 solutions for manufacturing challenges


Our VISION is to provide the best decision-making framework in the industry.
We aim to equip manufacturing organizations with the equivalent of a modern aircraft cockpit with all instrumentation and indicators for tracking and optimizing production.
Octavic technology helps manufacturing organizations gain real-time insights to the factory floor, in order to improve efficiency, better quantify KPIs for process improvement and reduce waste. Real-time insights together with a flexible human interface bridges combined people knowledge with automatic data gathering from production laying the foundation for the Smart Factory.
We are active in different industries such as: pharmaceutical (GMP batch records), automotive, medical, food & beverage etc.
The system is adaptable to the process and not the other way around. This helps to combine data from manual and automated processes together with people knowledge and the ability to enforce regulations. It supports methodologies like Deviation management, Kaizen, Six Sigma through Andon, Kanban, visual management and predictions of future anomalies and waste.
Key points:
– Simple and adaptable flow for data annotation
– Monitors of actions that have been taken
– Flexible escalations
– Real-time planning
– Fast installation
– Regulatory compliance.
PET (Production Efficiency Tracker) for a Smart Factory!

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13 Horea, 410080
Oradea, Romania
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