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Pamble by Wolfpack Digital
City: Cluj-Napoca
Country: Romania

#1 Digital Integrated Treatment for Problem Gambling.


Pamble is an early-stage startup developed by Wolfpack Digital offering a mobile companion app to help keep problem gambling in check. Using high-level expertise from EASG, we combine proven therapeutical methods to offer an integrated and effective healthtech solution. The app is designed as a 12 week program helping with self-education and practice, cognitive restructuring, while offering various tools outside the main program for maintaining results. The product is currently under development (to be launched publicly early 2020 after clinical validation), however it has already been featured in Forbes Romania and is a winner of the AlphaHub accelerator powered by Paddy Power Betfair. We look forward to making an impact on the lives of so many people!
Gambling addiction is an increasing phenomenon across Europe and the world with an estimated 5% of European population being problem or at-risk gamblers. This translates into huge personal and societal costs.
Pamble is the first healthtech solution offering a phased program to treat gambling addiction effectively.
We bring together expert knowledge from renowned therapists at the RASG and EASG (Romanian and European Associations for the Study of Gambling) to create a highly interactive and clinically validated companion app which helps keep problem gambling in check.
We use a holistic approach for treatment, by combining therapy, guided imagery, alternative behaviours etc.
The program is enhanced by the power of technology, which makes offline treatment methods more engaging.

Funding to date
Series B
Between 10-50
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Emil Racovita 37
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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