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City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

Match half photos and rate results, all anonymously


Picup lets you share your half photo with others and challenge them to match your photos, without them actually knowing who placed the photo. It’s extremely simple: take a half photo or add one from your gallery, customise it with a distinct filter and assorted text to create stunning imagery, then upload it in the app.

Once there, other users will see it and have the option of matching your half photo with an ending of their own. You receive a notification every time someone proposes a match, and if you accept it, then you will be able to engage with the person who added the completing half.
Matching has never been more fun – and more sincere.

Once completed, the photo goes into the Picup gallery, where other users will have a chance to rate it, by using two options – “PicUp” or “PicDown”, choosing either to approve or disapprove it – all also done anonymously. Stats about the picture’s performance are not publicly available, and usernames of both the people that rated the photo and the uploader are never shown, so you are actually free to do whatever you want. You can also share inspiring completed photos to your Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest profile.

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Under 10
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Bucharest, Romania

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