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Planning Pal
City: Lekkerkerk
Country: Netherlands

Organize the things you share within a group


Planning Pal is an App and a Webapp which let you organize the things you share with family, roommates, building residents or colleagues. Reserve timeslots for facilities and enjoy the ease of sharing! It will help you organize your life, increase your productivity and focus, and reduce your stress levels by making sharing transparent and easy. Managers get insights from their facilities, which lead to increased revenues and reduced costs.

Planning Pal is fully focussed on solving the problems linked to the organization of sharing things within groups. It is intuitive for the group users and easy to manage for the group managers. Swipe, click and reserve! Sign up and get started. Use only your email and your name to set up an account today. Then, join a group and start planning or create your first group in 4 easy steps. Organize the things you share!

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Under 10
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Lekkerkerk, Netherlands

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