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PrimeRenting - Fast, Safe and Efficient B2B equipment rentals


PrimeRenting is the digital two-sided platform, which facilitates the B2B equipment rentals in a secure, efficient, transparent and aggregated environment, with the main focus on solving the various issues encountered by the companies in the equipment renting industry.
The equipment rental market is a highly segregated and opaque environment, which poses many inefficiencies regarding security, trust, process, difficulty in finding the right asset when needed, lacking quality and customer service.

Thus, we have tackled each of the issues raised by the players in the B2B rental industry (Segregated market, Lack of short term equipment insurances, High commercial risks, Difficult and time-consuming renting process) and as a solution to all these problems, we have developed PrimeRenting.
The platform is targeting both customers and suppliers in its attempt to save their time and money, increase transparency, while at the same time increase transaction and equipment safety.

Moreover, granting a safe and efficient access to the renting market, PrimeRenting also supports SMEs not active in the renting business yet, to further increase and diversify their revenues. Via PrimeRenting, companies can easily increase their ROA by renting out their idle equipment during low capacity coverage.

As our Value Proposition, PrimeRenting is focused on creating:
o Security and trust between the participants by quantitative (insurances) and qualitative (transparent market, rating mechanism) means;
o A strong and active promotion channel for suppliers to increase their revenue stream;
o A standardized and repeatable renting process;
o An aggregated, transparent and safe marketplace with competitive prices;
o Full experience on the platform, offering additional services like (insurance, logistics, financial background check, industry related information);
o Easy access to the rental market for the non-renting suppliers;

With PrimeRenting, renting-out and sourcing have never been easier.

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