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City: Timisoara
Country: Romania

Indoor ambient environment and energy monitoring for every building.


Sensix provides an end-to-end smart monitoring solution, using proprietary, non-intrusive wireless sensor devices, easy to install. Medium-sized companies that own or rent spaces like office spaces, sports facilities or factories use the Sensix solution to enhance customer/employee satisfaction, increase comfort, and reduce operational costs. We provide actionable insights for energy consumption optimization without compromising ambient comfort.
Building owners, facility managers, and business owners are facing tremendous challenges in their efforts to keep optimal ambient levels with efficient use of energy. The typical pain points include, but are not limited to:
– Unhappy customers due to a high level of chlorine or humidity (e.g. in sports facilities)
– Unproductive employees due to poor indoor air quality (e.g. office buildings)
– High operational costs due to excessive energy usage (e.g. in factories)
– Waste perishable products in storage spaces due to HVAC failure. (e.g. wine cellars)
These problems can severely affect the comfort, performance, revenue stream, and ultimately the profit of any business.

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Mare┼čal Alexandru Averescu 9, 300501, Timisoara
Timisoara, Romania
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