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Sharpfont Creative
City: Brasov
Country: Romania

Sharpfont is a full-service design and development studio, where creativity combines with professionalism and seriousness.


Sharpfont is a full-service design and development studio, where creativity combines with professionalism and seriousness. We carefully analyze their needs and objectives in order to create the most effective variants. Our motto is: “ A happy client is the best publicity”, that is why we are paying attention to our clients’ wishes. We know that each client is unique and that is why we offer custom solutions.

You can call us for services concerning visual and verbal identity, and everything that are connected to conception of, building of, and consolidation of a brand on the market.

Our main purpose is to make you well known on the market and to fix your image into clients’ minds and souls. Our services create your company’s personality, by bringing it into prominence and differentiating it of the competition. Through the strategy we create for you, we consolidate your connection with the target public, helping you better communicate with it.

This is what we offer.

Brand Strategy
The brand makes a product more successful, makes it remain in people`s heart and mind, it is unique. The brand represents the product`s soul. A good brand instills in human conscience. Sharpfont builds the brand strategy that you need so that your products could better communicate with their consumers. Our main purpose is to offer you solutions to convince your customers that you represent the best choice they could find on the market.

We are available for you with analyzing, creating, implementing, managing a branding or rebranding strategy. Sharpfont helps in creating a successful brand that would make the most of you.

Visual Identity
Visual Identity expresses the personality of a brand and determines the target public to recognize it, to more easily memorise it, making it different from the competition. The identity of a brand implies a strong impact through the message rendered by the visual signature, colours, visual attitude and tone. These are the palpable forms that have the power of suggestion for rendering the concept.

Sharpfont Creative, through its experience and competence, looks for the most sensitive symbols in letters, colors and design styles that are suitable with the interest area of our clients. Our creativity and work will help you place your brand into the context of excellency and innovation, and efficiently communicate the essence of your brand.

Interactive Design
The interactive design reunites websites, intranets, interactive presentations and interfaces for software applications. Interactive design creates a strong connection between the consumers and the products or services that they use.

We transform the website into a means of efficient and fast communication between yourselves and the target public. By uniting our competences in design and branding, we manage to realize for you the following performing and innovative services:

– Mobile Apps
– Web Design
– Online advertising campaigns
– Creating online communities

Print Design
Our life is invaded day by day by information concerning the quality of different products and services.

The printed materials, either published in magazines, brochures, posters, or posted on outdoor racks, have the power of transmitting in a subliminal way to the individual the belief that a certain product or service has unique features. These materials get our attention through their uniqueness, and through their message they have the power of convincing us. The graphics created by us will have the strength of reaching and convincing the target segment of your company of the uniqueness and quality of the services and products you offer.

Verbal Identity
Verbal identity means choosing the best product or service name, thus a proper naming makes an advertisement campaign more effective. A good naming fixes the image of a certain brand in the client`s mind for a long time, and differentiates it of other similar images. Verbal identity has the role of creating a complex image in the collective mind, rendered by a name and a strong slogan.

Sharpfont knows how to produce the right sentence that will offer you uniqueness and professionalism..

We make the most of you and your company using all language levels (phonetics, lexical, stylistic) and we create an ideal strategy for your brand.

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