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City: Ramnicu Valcea
Country: Romania

SkyHub is a Forum 2.0 Social Network that rewards users with ads revenue


SkyHub has been created with the vision to revolutionize the forum technology. Although forums are one of the greatest inventions of the internet, the technology of the forums didn’t adapt to the fundamental new web changes. SkyHub already includes concepts of Artificial Intelligence like personalization to learn the behavior of the users with machine learning and data mining in order to target and feed them with the content they really like and engage on the platform. Besides the fact that SkyHub is a scalable web platform for forums, the most amazing feature is the business model where all the users will get revenue based impact of the content they create. Most of the internet platforms take all the revenue for themselves from online advertising and they never share the profit with the users who actually built these websites so successful and their content. This new web platform allows people to create new kinds of forums where the users get a share from the platform’s revenue based on the users’ activities and the impact of their content. As a user adds more original content, better and hotter, the user gets more revenue. By this way the platform can expand very fast exponentially because most of the people don’t earn any penny in the web and they find this platform as cash cow simply by connecting, engaging, typing and discussing together with others who share the same interests with them. This kind of platform can create many jobs for those who couldn’t be integrated in the real life, but they know how to operate with a computer and how to share their experience and knowledge on the web. Although the forum technology was so successful in the past years, it didn’t evolve in the last decade.

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