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City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

SWAZM is the Next-Generation Decentralized Storage and Computing Platform.


Swazm’s unique selling proposition is not a network on which to deploy custom tokens, but a solution that solves more profound challenges that Dapps face, such as the technical scaling potential of the network. Swazm’s architecture allows to deploy a decentralized network capable of serving millions of users at the same time, with low latency and high redundancy and security standards.
We are living in an age of wonder and innovation. The blockchain revolution has brought the possibility to change every aspect of our lives and the Dapps (Distributed Applications) are the herald of that change. But just as any hero of the story, they also have to face technological challenges. To scale up and into mainstream, each Dapp must perform flawlessly, serving tens, if not hundreds of millions of users at the same time, while also keeping the highest standards of security, network speed and version control. This puts an immense pressure on the infrastructure needs, which can lead to unsustainable costs hikes, drops in performance, and eventually failure in scaling up.
With SWAZM, we help you prevent that. We developed a powerful and flexible blockchain computing and storage engine which aims to use any existent unused computing power, storage and bandwidth to serve the needs of real-world financial services businesses, ICO’s and other organizations that want to develop, test build and deploy applications on the blockchain. You too might have a world-changing project. We want to help you deliver.

Funding to date
Seed round (angels or accelerators/incubators)
Between 10-50
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Dacia 30
Bucharest, Romania
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