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THINO - The "Swiss Army Knife" of Chargers


Thino is a slick, sturdy On The Go (OTG) charger and backup battery. Wearable anytime and anywhere thanks to its secure locking mechanism, Thino is the charger that keeps you going. It’s able to use customised technology to give your device as much juice as it can take, effectively making charge times more than twice as fast as regular chargers.

So, how does it work? Better yet, what makes it tick? Simple. Optimization. While most ordinary chargers are set to supply a specific amount of current, Thino is able to detect exactly how much current your device can draw from the source and supply it with its maximum intake by using an in-built Micro-Proccessing Unit (MPU). This MPU communicates directly with the USB unit on, for example, your laptop and tells it to give the maximum charge it can. At the same time, it prepares your device to receive its full power intake.

However, to make sure your device is always protected, Thino has in-built power path and dynamic power path management, current sensor technology as well as over charge, over discharge and short circuit protection. This means that if anything goes wrong between the source input and your phone, Thino will automatically shut down power transfer and prevent any damage to either itself or the plugged-in device. So you can safely use Thino with non-standard sources like car outlets and the wall adapters at the airport without having to worry. It supports a wide array of voltage options, and it will detect and adapt to each one.

In addition, Thino’s on-board 480mAh Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery provides a backup charge the can refuel your phone for up to 2 hours. It’s charged from any current not actively used to charged your device while Thino is connected to a source. If your smartphone can draw up to, say, 1.5A and the source can provide 2.1A, the rest of the 0.6A are going into the battery.

All this is done via its Programmable System-on-Chip (PSoC) Technology. The PSoC unit manages everything, from the USB handshake, to charge detection, to short-circuit protection. It’s also what makes Thino unique. No other charger is as efficient, as optimised, as clever. We’ve put thought into energy and made charging smart.

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