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City: Domnesti
Country: Romania

3Deva is dedicated to creating VR hardware - mobile adapters, HMDs, omni-directional treadmills


Our first products, the 3Deva Vizor series are VR adapters for your smartphone, letting you convert your device into a fully fledged 3D TV/monitor, at a fraction of the price normally asked by the big players in the media industry.

Then, the Viiwok is a ODT (omnidirectional treadmill) which permits the player use his own body as a PC or console controller, thus browsing virtual environments in a natural way and paving the way for the first holodeck-like integrated solution in the world.

It is to be used in combination with a HMD (head mounted display) like the Oculus Rift or even the one later to be launched by 3Deva, offering full stereoscopy (3D video feed) at an 110+ degrees FOV (field of view).

Funding to date
Under 10
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Web address
Strada Sfintii Constantin si Elena, nr. 4B
Domnesti, Romania
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