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City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

Amazing live experiences, performed remotely by artists and DJs in demand, at venues around the world.


viLive creates amazing live experiences, done remotely / virtually, by the musicians and DJs in demand around the world. Imagine the venue, the intense sound, the magic visual experience, the crowd-feel, the CONNECTION between fans and the artist, only the artist is never in the building, but on the giant screens already used at most high-profile live shows.

Experiences currently unlikely to ever happen. Artists have limited resources with regards to travelling and touring, which leaves fans in many territories waiting for long years or forever. While it may appear to be all lights and glitter, touring life is actually exhausting both physically and

For fans this is no ordinary pain. While they mostly listen to their music free ever since the mp3 and streaming revolutions, many of them would pay and even go to great lengths for a live performance of their favorite artists, as it’s the best way to experience and LIVE the music that touches their hearts, minds and souls.

It’s a great pain for millions of fans. And a huge lost opportunity for artists, especially as they already make more than 90% of their income through live performances. Essentially loss-loss for all concerned.

The viLive solution involves a delivery system (dedicated internet connections on both ends, a proprietary full-duplex secure connection between artist and venue, full stage setups both for artist and venue, at highest live industry standards), a marketplace for biddings and transactions between event organizers and artists, and a social network of fans expressing their musical identity and generating demand for gigs in their territory.

This means standard-great live experiences, with viLive facilitating the transaction and delivery between artist and concert promoter, with assistance from production partners in each territory we’re servicing. All for the benefit of fans, who also get a tool to express their fan-hood while feeding artists and promoters with data to inform opportunities for future gigs. For the benefit of artists too, which get a significant new revenue stream from virtual live, besides regular touring, where they get to monetize more territories with live without the hassle of touring.

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126A Mosilor st
Bucharest, Romania
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