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Voxi Kids – Nummo
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

Voxi Kids is your personal speech therapy app that you can use anywhere!


Voxi Kids is a speech therapy app created by a team of experts with the purpose of providing support to children, parents and therapists. The app includes several types of exercises, such as categorizations, colors, parts of the body, and positions in space, which have been designed to contribute to the development of attention, listening skills, visual and auditory memory, language, observation and general knowledge.
This app is easy to use with friendly visuals, and can be helpful in education. It is also not aggressive and not privacy-invasive.
When we talk about speech therapy, we’re not referring solely to correcting articulation and developing verbal language skills, but also to developing auditory processing and cognitive abilities.
The Voxi kids speech therapy app is primarily meant for:
– people struggling with hearing loss
– individuals of various ages who rely on a cochlear implant, as it’s been specially designed to support the development of listening skills
– young children who may use it for general knowledge development
Designed like a game, our app’s exercises offer new knowledge in a fun and enjoyable manner. This learning method through play is used throughout the entire app.
In addition, parents can access a graphical representation of their child’s progress in the app, including the time spent on each exercise or chapter, so they can receive feedback on the usefulness of the app, as well as their child’s evolution.
Voxi’s mission is thus to truly help as many children and adults, who struggle with hearing and speaking impairments, as possible.

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Dr. Nicolae Tomescu 10
Bucharest, Romania
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