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monitorbacklinks-logoMonitor Backlinks, startup that develops user-friendly tools for both professionals and SEO amateurs, has recently received a seed investment of EUR 50k from SOS Ventures. Monitor Backlinks met with SOS Ventures European venture partner Bill Liao during 2012 How to Web Startup Spotlight program (How to Web – Bucharest, Romania being the most important tech conference in Central and Eastern Europe).
Monitor Backlinks was selected as one of the best startups in the region and the startup potential convinced Bill Liao to invest.

“Discovering your audience is a crucial part of any online play and when Razvan and I first met, I could see him and his team had a really promising solution for making a great SEO product” – Bill Liao.

Bill Liao is the first invest in, the European competitor of Also, he invested in Storyful, Silicon Republic as well as in another Romanian startup: Mavenhut (a gaming company).

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April 18, 2013 |

romanian-startups-logoWe built this Romanian Internet tech startups directory with the intent to showcase the technology/Internet startup scene in Romania in such way that if a foreigner (but not only) wants to have a look at a glance he can do it here, on our website.

Not only the tech startups are listed here, but also their founders. The listing would not be complete without having on it also the tech accelerators/incubators as well as the tech events throughout Romania.

The startups/accelerators/incubators/founders and events will be presented in rich details, including the possibility to be contacted through a contact form (as well as having listed other presence of them like Facebook, Twitter, websites).

Hope you enjoy your visit here and let others know about us. Please read also About RS.


We do have a Facebook group, a Facebook page and a Facebook list as well as a Twitter account where you can find us. Please join, like, follow or tweet about us.

We welcome any feedback you may have. Please send us an email using the contact form from the Contact page.

Thank you!


February 28, 2013 |

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