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ZF Mobilio
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania
From: 04/09/2014 to: 04/10/2014

2 days, Top players, Hot topics, Speakers with experience, Relevant case studies. Do mobile right! Right from the start!


ZF Mobilio is the premier Romanian mobile conference.
ZF Mobilio Summit programme will examine the present and debate the future of our industry with in-depth analysis of the trends that are shaping it.
Running across the full length of the ZF Mobilio Summit, the Conference programme will continue to be a central focus for the event, challenging and educating attendees whilst covering the latest technological developments, next-generation services and growth strategies.

Besides the conference, ZF Mobilio has also an awards component where a jury will choose the best mobile applications for the following awards:
1. Best Mobisite
2. Best use of location services
3. Best Game
4. Best Entertainment App
5. The most Innovating App
6. Best use of Mobi – Advertising

From the keynote programme to topic-focused conference sessions, thought leaders from the most dynamic companies in the mobile industry will be represented during the event. Want to know what’s next for the mobile industry? Find out at ZF Mobilio Summit.

From products dedicated to an elite, the smartphones and tablets began to be affordable also to middle and small -income customers, the market approaching to the moment when the utilization rate will be large enough to show a viral effect that further accelerate the sales even more.
Internet access from the mobile phone and usage of mobile applications are no longer a myth but a reality.

Natural migration of the market for smartphones and tablets is accelerating both by mobile operators who need higher revenue from data to offset declines in voice and frantic fight for market share between equipment producers.

Once they have in their hand smartphones and tablets, users want intelligent applications or websites that automatically adapt to their web device and offer them access to entertainment, information and a method of communication with family, friends, acquaintances or authorities. Customers are beginning to use the telephone no more to report a problem, now they go on Facebook and search the company’s account to send a message.

In this context both marketing departments, and advertising agencies are facing new opportunities and challenges at the same time: on the one hand the possibility of “Tailoring” to more accurately customers and to deliver them messages or interest advertisements , but on the other hand the need to be able to manage public direct communication with customers.

ZF Mobilio Summit will analyze the present and discuss the future of the mobile industry in depth analyzing trends which are shaping it. The conference will bring to the fore valuable data about the current state of the local market: the number of smart equipment to the mobile internet connections, so the impact in business markets such as transportation by taxi, or the data user behavior on these devices, collected from several relevant sources.

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