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Agora Robotics
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

Autonomous Mobile Robots. Logistics, disinfection, floor cleaning, delivery.


Agora Robotics is the robotics branch of Modulab, a Bucharest based tech R&D lab with 15 years of experience in prototyping and small scale production.
In the last 5 years, Agora Robotics developed from social robots and swarm robots to autonomous industrial robots and cobots.
The core vision is to develop an ecosystem of complementary autonomous mobile robotic solutions, capable of working together and collaborating with human operators, easily controlled by a central intuitive app, with seamless integration into an IoT, commercial, or industry 4.0 environment.
Our products are designed to be highly customizable for the specific needs of each major client and developed with self-actualizing and predictive capabilities, aiming to increase operational efficiency based on data accumulated during actual use.
The first MVP was Sweep – an autonomous industrial floor cleaning robot right now in TRL7 development stage.
The same basic functionality of our robotic framework (autonomous navigation) was also integrated for a second MVP as a logistic robot for a local automaker (Project TUG).
When the pandemic struck we quickly adapted the logistics platform to respond to the demand in the market. In just a few months time we had one of the most powerful, CE certified autonomous disinfection robot fit for the medical environment.
A few important companies have purchased our solution in order to donate to key hospitals in Romania. This strategy allowed us to start a small assembly line and intensely test the solution in the most relevant environment, right there in the hospital.
Now we have worldwide purchase requests, more than our production line can handle at this time.
For future development and on specific demand by our partners, we have other robotic solutions in various stages of development. Automatic Inventory Auditing TRL4 – an autonomous robot that scans the shelves in a supermarket in order to find gaps, misplaced products, and inventory stock. (KPMG, Kaufland)
Automatic Shopping Cart TRL3 – a solution that automatically detects products placed in the shopping cart and (Group of large retailers)
Last-Mile Delivery Robot TRL2 – A supervised/autonomous solution for short distance automatic delivery.

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Bucharest, Romania
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