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Real-time impact monitoring and tracking of the supply chain.


Business success is determined, largely, by supply chain efficiency. Achieving efficiency throughout the supply chain requires a comprehensive risk management program that takes into account shipping volume, the cost of goods, and the repercussions of any damage.
AntiFragile offers multiple types of monitoring devices that are able to ensure shippers have the data they need at a price they can afford. For example, electronic data loggers monitor a range of impact thresholds, the direction and duration of impacts, and their G-force, along with the event’s GPS coordinates and time of occurrence. Some options record thousands of shipments and can generate trend reports that span months to years.
Electronic data loggers are ideal for companies with regular shipments, or high value goods. For these companies, tracking results by lane, carrier, season, and location is important, and can be integral in reducing incidents when that data is correlated to damage rates and type of damage.
At the other end of the scale, single use indicators are ideal for shippers who need only a basic program to monitor their shipments. For these companies, an indicator, information on how to apply it, and a way for customers to report results may be sufficient.
Stopping damage caused by impacts, vibrations, temperature excursions, or tilts could save countless dollars in repairs, replacement, and reshipping, not to mention such indirect costs as troubleshooting and down time.
Aggregating the information from monitors placed on shipments helps shippers and carriers identify the specific issues cargo encounters. The goal must be to reduce the damage – not to punish the culprits. To do that, shippers, carriers, and customers must work together.

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