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City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

Aviziero is the first online service that helps the facility managers with the accounting and explains the maintenance bills to the homeowners.


“The idea of Aviziero was born from a relaxed evening discussion, with my friend and partner. We both moved to flats in Bucharest and we had the same dilemma: it was normally to pay the maintenance fee, but neither one of us understood where it came from and how was the amount calculated. We decided to solve the problem by creating a software that should explain to all owners and tenants in Romania, including us, how the maintenance fee is calculated in the homeowners’ association.”
The project went online in late 2010, was featured in a number of print, online and TV news reports and won a few prizes along the way.
It is currently used for the administration of 10.000 apartments in Romania, out of which almost 50% activated and use their online accounts.

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Bd Unirii nr 37
Bucharest, Romania
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