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City: Alba Iulia
Country: Romania

Beez is a platform through which you save money from the online shopping you make anyway.


Beez is a Romanian startup that addresses a global problem, the issue of saving to achieve financial independence. We all want prosperity, financial independence and economic stability, but for most of us it’s very difficult to create the habit and maintain a healthy financial behaviour over a long time.
We at Beez identified the problem and are proposing an ingenious solution to support healthy financial habits.
We all thought that in order to save you need to give up of your financial resources and to serve a long-term goal. For this reason, saving not only is it less attractive, but also painful. The idea of depriving yourself of some pleasure, like shopping, to give your future self greater financial freedom is a choice that tilts the balance to the immediate satisfaction of needs, despite the intellectual capacity to analyze the possibilities of saving / investing money and measuring the effects of these choices.
Beez creates healthy financial habits based on the principle “save more for tomorrow” and integrates a gamification experience that sustains these behaviours over time for outstanding results.

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Strada Regina Maria
Alba Iulia, Romania
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