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Beyond Fantasy Design Studio
City: Tulcea
Country: Romania

3D Professional Animation Studio in Romania and promote the Romanian culture and true values.


Beyond Fantasy Design Studio is founded in early 2011 and its main goal is to produce 3D animation movies and series. My vision regarding the style, concept and topic is different from Pixar, Dreamworks, Blue Sky Studios, meaning that I am more into a realistic approach regarding the character design, and I use Romanian culture and values for inspiration.

We started by creating websites (mostly Flash websites) and application designs, most of them having an unconventional approach or being very personalized to a specific client or activity (e.g. Our team consisted of 3-4 members, web designers and developers, most of them (including me) were professional Flash Developers. The plan was to grow enough that we could reinvest into proper equipment and staff and develop a new department for hi-end design and animation. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out… Since the support for Adobe Flash has been dropped, and since there was no profit to reinvest in our company, we stopped website and application design and development. As you can see, we used Adobe Flash in order to develop our website and the portfolio on our website consists in web design projects.

Meanwhile, I continued studying, drawing and 3D modeling in order to improve my skills and get better at concept art, which is very important in presenting projects to clients, investors and even for the rest of the team. In 2013 I quit my job and focused exclusively on studying, practicing and understanding of the production process. I’ve managed to create a core-team of artists who understood my ideas and my vision and I started to write my business-plan.

Some of my projects I am dreaming of are:

– “A Child’s Dream: Learning To Fly” (or “My First Flight”), which is a 3D feature film about a Romanian engineer, inventor, airplane constructor and early pilot: Aurel Vlaicu. We started working on this project by sketching some ideas of the story and the main character. You can take a look at the design of the young Aurel Vlaicu on youtube:
– “Dacia” is an animated series in which there will be presented the whole story of the people living in the place we call “Romania” today. We also have some sketches for the story framing and a lot of resources and references.
– “Toate panzele sus” (“Ahoy!”), which is a feature film inspired from Radu Tudoran’s book.

I intend to start developing any of the projects I mentioned earlier depending on how interesting it is to an investor. I am looking for investment and mentorship because I know there is a lot to learn about selling and promoting, cash flow and good business management. I am sure these ideas will be successful and even bring new career development opportunities for young artists in Romania, so I will not give up!

Funding to date
Under 10
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Isaccei Street No 29
Tulcea, Romania
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