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Take control over your academic experience


As former students, we know how important the student-professor relationship is. We also had a hard time organizing our schedules and coordinating our efforts with our peers. For this, we built Campadillo – an academic tool that will help both students and professors communicate, take notes and handle assignments.

With Campadillo, students will find the tools they need to become better learners. They can manage their school assignments, keep track of their progress and manage group discussions. But Campadillo is more than this: it covers the entire academic process. For instance, teachers, professors and their assistants can keep track of their students’ activity, manage assignments and send out new projects and materials – all in just a few clicks.

Our tool gathers all the things you need in school to become a better learner. And by “all the things” we mean courses, schedules, projects, assignments, classmates and group discussions. Using smart features such as our interactive calendar or our modern notification system, you will be able to keep an eye on projects and deadlines and keep up with what your peers are doing.

Campadillo’s calendar will auto-fill your activities for the whole semester as professors make the assignments available. Our notification system will let you know when the deadlines are approaching so you will have plenty of time to complete them.

We believe Campadillo can improve how the educational system works now and help students and professors take control over their academic experience. You can find us over at, so go on and request an invite! You can provide us valuable feedback and insight into our users’ experience.

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