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City: Cluj-Napoca
Country: Romania

Dollarbird is a smart calendar for managing personal finances.


Dollarbird is not just an expense tracker, it’s an all-round perspective on where you stand now and where you’ll be standing in the future, financially. It has really all the features you need to discover your spending habits, adjust them according to your future plans and see how your balance evolves over time.

Main features

• Simple calendar-based interface
– Managing your money has never been this easy! If you can use a calendar, Dollarbird is your best choice.

• Expense and income tracking
– Easily add your transactions anytime, anywhere to reduce guesswork later on and be able to keep a budget.

• Financial planning and automatic balance calculation
– Add past or future income or expenses to the calendar, and your balance will be calculated automatically for each day, month or year.

• Bill reminder
– Schedule reminders for your rent, loan, electricity bill etc. and never forget to pay them.

• Recurring transactions
– Set up recurring transactions, like your salary or rent, for easy planning of your cashflow.

• Sleek interface and chart design
– See the breakdown of your past and planned expenses by category, your 5-year financial projection and more on a beautiful interface.

• No registration or bank account data required.

Dollarbird is available for FREE both for iOS and Android.

Dollarbird Pro
This version of the product is for those who need a deeper insight into their finances, and want to manage them together with their partner / family.

The Pro features allow you to:
• Track your different accounts in separate calendars.
• Sync your data between your different devices.
• Track your expenses and incomes together with as many people as you want.
• Backup your data on our servers.
• Set budgets to manage boundaries and correct your spending behavior.
• Get more charts for your incomes and expenses.
• Get much more category icons.

All these extra features are available through a subscription.

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21 Garii Street, Liberty Tech Park
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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