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Prime Dash
City: Oradea
Country: Romania

business financial decision made easy


• Prime Dash Decision Making
The First financial software to successfully integrate automated financial decision-making
Prime Dash takes all financial data, analyzes it, and provides clear decisions moving forward (for all financial aspects of the organization)
Through its simulations tools and machine learning, can predict the short and long-term effects of financial decisions.

• Prime Dash Loan Processor
A 360° to process large quantities of loan applications in one innovative platform for SMBs.

Prime Dash is :
A Simple tool with less emphasis on complicated financial reports
A Smart tool that doesn’t require painful organization and manipulation of data
An Efficient tool that can extract the EXACT information needed to make sound financial decisions
An Affordable tool that fits even with very small budgets
A Flexible tool that can be used by decision-makers, investors, and entrepreneurs

Funding to date
Seed round (angels or accelerators/incubators)
Between 10-50
Looking for...
Tudor Vladimirescu nr 17
Oradea, Romania
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