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Egg Metrics
City: Bacau
Country: Romania

Toolkit to help you undestand your website.


A collection of tools and resources to help you understand your website so you can better optimize it.
First released tool is will provide you with a free website report and will give helpful suggestions like speed improvement, seo, blogging tips and so on.
Other free tools will also be realeased before the launch of the paid subscription, such as a backlink analytics tool that will help people clean and disavow their backlinks.

Backlink Disavow Tool is in beta:

Update 2:
Waiting for Google to allow extracting webmaster keywords via oAuth

Funding to date
Under 10
Looking for...
Other opportunities
Bacau, Romania
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Other startups from Advertising, Social Media, Consulting
Video production for the Internet
Wallet Buzz
Wallet Buzz - Geo-Location based mobile marketing platform, unique in Romania.
The Pole Society
The Pole is a mobile app that lets you create/edit and browse posters for things happening near you, then stream them directly to digital screens across Bucharest.
Recently added startups
Enlight Ed
Teaching by asking the right questions.
Laif Science
Leveraging AI and ML for innovating in technologies like Neuroscience, Robotics, Automotive, IoT, and Finance.
PaidAnalytix is a software that helps companies with high financial volumes better control their payments processes.

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