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City: Iasi
Country: Romania

Dramatically Improving the video editing workflow


Flixier Pro is an online video editing tool with advanced editing features.
The key components of the product are amazingly fast rendering time that doesn’t require a high end computer, Google Docs collaboration style for video editors and all the actors involved in the process (producers, managers, etc.) and easy access to plenty of cloud storage.
In more detail the main advantages of Flixier are:
Fast Rendering – Flixier Pro can render any video that is up to 60 minutes long in under one minute. It also does rendering in the cloud freeing up your computer for other tasks. The great thing about this is that you don’t need to spend a ton of money on expensive hardware.
Streamlined Collaboration – Getting feedback with Flixier Pro is as easy as clicking a button and sharing a link. People can start adding comments that show up directly in the video editing software. This is amazing because now you only need to render when the video is complete. And rendering is blazing fast, read above.
Flixier Pro users can easily share their assets with colleagues. This is great because until now it was very frustrating to share libraries and projects and keep them in sync. Even more, team members can work together in real time on the same project, just like in Google Docs
Cloud Storage – We remove the need of having to buy expensive storage drives, worry about carrying them around or having to upgrade your computer, just to add a few gigabytes of storage.
For the future we are also thinking to develop and simpler version of Flixier that offers the same key components but which is more accessible for beginner video editors.

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Bulevardul Carol I nr.4
Iasi, Romania
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