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Modex BCDB radically simplifies blockchain adoption.


Modex is a Smart Contract Marketplace and app ecosystem that allows for easy, user friendly access to crypto-currencies and smart contracts alike. Developers can leverage Modex to monetize their skills and offer Smart Contract solutions to end-customers and contributors. The real-world community can easily find Smart Contracts that meet real-world needs, are already audited and secure, without having to scout developers and manage one-off development projects.
Modex makes deployment of Smart Contracts significantly easier, faster and more cost effective, speeding up blockchain technology adoption. Modex, the blockchain company, is designed to solve the last mile adoption problem of the blockchain. At Modex, we are able to innovate thanks to our incredible team of experts and we offer services for the entire blockchain technology ecosystem: Marketplace for Smart Contracts, community tools for developers and Blockchain Database solutions for enterprises.
Modex is created by a team of over 60 people, with experience in creating financial software solutions at companies such as Oracle, Unisoft, Temenos, and Deloitte. Our team and advisors have built and exited various successful startups and held senior positions in top Fortune 100 companies in industries as diverse as telecom, tech, retail, wholesale, mobile & eCommerce, entertainment, marketing services, and of course the blockchain industry.

Funding to date
Series B
Between 100-500
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Web address
Bucharest 3rd District 031625
Bucharest, Romania

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