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CasePlease is a new travel service, created to improve the travel experience for frequent business wanderlusters.


What is CasePlease?
– CasePlease is a new travel service, created to improve the travel experience for frequent business wanderlusters.
– CasePlease is your wardrobe and hygiene products’ babysitter. Just leave your clothes and products in our care and we’ll make sure they arrive to your hotel room safe and sound. Now you can skip the endless lines in order to check-in and reckless packing.
– Say goodbye to carrying your annoying trolley everywhere, the bother of unpacking and doing the laundry when you get back home. Yes, we do that too. We’ll send your possessions cleaned, ironed and looking sharp as ever, straight to the comfort of your hotel room.
– Available to all business travelers, in Bucharest, Romania, at any hotel or apartment.

Why do I need CasePlease?
– We know you’re tired of packing your bags for every single business trip. It’s time consuming and annoying. But with CasePlease, you don’t have to waste that energy anymore. Save it for something more important, like sight seeing.
– Forget about carrying your trolley or suitcase everywhere, now you’re free to walk around as you please. Remember airport check-in queues, which are packed full with people, where you have to wait in line to board your flight? Well, now you don’t even have to wake up that early and you can board your flight faster and stress free.
– With CasePlease you are always ready for your next trip.
– Do you always wait for your luggage and sometimes worry that the airline lost it? Not anymore.
– Unpacking is such a bother sometimes. And your clothes get all wrinkled. Say goodbye to that too.
– Don’t you just hate doing laundry? Well, not anymore. We do it for you. Now you have more time to focus on reading that book you left unfinished or other important activities.

Sounds pretty good, right? We think so too! CasePlease stores your clothes and toiletries, cleans and delivers them to your hotel – any hotel for that matter.

How it Works?
1. Leave your clothes in our care.
2. We will clean* and store them (*free of charge).
3. Notify us of your next trip.
4. Enjoy your trip luggage free.
5. Find your cleaned clothes at the hotel.
6. Fly back home without worrying about unpacking.
7. We will clean your clothes and get them ready for your next trip.

What can I store?
– You can store clothes, shoes, favorite toiletries, phone/laptop chargers.
– For toiletries, we provide a separate toiletries bag in the CasePlease suitcase.
– Additionally, you can swap out clothing during any of your trips, so you won’t wear the same items over and over again.

Where is CasePlease available?
CasePlease is available to all business travelers, in Bucharest, Romania, at any hotel or apartment.

How much does CasePlease cost?
There are two fees involved:
– Flat fee: a €5 monthly fee that we need for storage. That means that your possessions will be stored in a safe place.
– Trip fee: €50 flat fee per trip. This fee has to be paid at the end of your CasePlease trips and covers cleaning, ironing and transportation of your possessions to and from the hotel.

A new, larger package is in work. Details will be made public soon.

For further details, please email us at: or call us at +40 726 219 466, or +40 727 572 159. Moreover, we are open to any kind of feedback and suggestions. Please do reach out to us :).

We are looking for collaboration opportunities with hotels, MNEs, tourism agencies, limo services, etc.

To find out more and sign up, please visit:

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