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Netwok app opens new ways of discovering connections by combining professional profiles and hyperlocation to show users in close proximity.


Netwok provides a means by which people can discover the business background of other users around them. The user’s profile is created through a single tap by incorporating their LinkedIn information. This in itself presents users with the opportunity to network efficiently everywhere, from their local café or hub, to their business travels across the continent.

To take the cafe example further, we could be sitting in a cafe surrounded by the CEO of a top tech company, three decision makers in possibly partnering firms as well as a leading investor sitting quietly in the corner of the room and you wouldn’t even know about it. Netwok app is here to cast light on the opportunities surrounding you.
Secondly, it helps users easily save important connections which they can pick up at a later date, knowing the business background of the user, any relevant notes, as well as exactly where and when they met. As paper business cards are often only a medium until the information is typed and saved digitally, the app also eliminates this process.

Lastly, Netwok is a platform for communication where users can chat or pitch their new ideas and stay up to date with the latest information and comments from the events they attend. Each user is only allowed to send a message that is 140 characters long until the person replies, thus eliminating spamming behaviour.

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