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City: Cluj-Napoca
Country: Romania

Planable is a platform that allows agencies and social media managers to collaborate with their clients.


We change the way agencies plan and collaborate with their clients on social media campaigns.

Planable is a tool that speeds up the way social media campaigns are managed and makes planning, visualizing and approving social media posts easy and fun.

Social media managers need a simple and effective way to collaborate with their clients on social media posts. Today, the standard is to use slides and spreadsheets to plan the posts, chat to collaborate with the team, email to receive feedback and get approval from the client, Buffer or HootSuite to schedule the posts on social media. This process is a waste of valuable time and can damage the relationship with the client.

Our tool works like a live mock-up of the social feed, giving a familiar feel to both clients and social media managers. You can add posts, visualize the posts and how the social media feed will look, invite teammates and clients to collaborate in real time, receive quick feedback right where the posts are and get the posts approved. With Planable the approval workflow is simple and fast. We empower agencies to manage all their clients and social media pages in one single epicenter.

What sets us apart from all other social media management tools is that the agency can visually plan the social media feeds of the client before publishing any posts. It is centralized, collaborative and real-time.

Planable is a big step forward and it will become the norm for social media content collaboration.

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G─ârii 21, 400268
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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