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Start GDPR
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

StartGDPR is a digital platform that generates your fully personalized GDPR compliance documentation at a fraction of the costs of a consultant.


StartGDPR is a platform for automatically generating the GDPR required documentation, personalised and ready to use, in a quick, safe and guided way.
From the market’s point of view, StartGDPR makes it easy and convenient for SMEs to become GDPR compliant by getting the GDPR documentation, access to consent management tool and to guides and tutorials. As opposed to opting for a consultant-based solution, where prices start from 3k – 10k euros and even more, the Start GDPR solution is a few hundred euros, based on the SMEs complexity and, therefore, is more accessible. It also addresses continuous compliance and guides and tutorials for the SMEs personnel.
Start GDPR platform matches and translates the users’ responses to the legal terminology that is tailored for each business. This is possible through the proprietary AI Expert System that takes the users answers, translates them and maps them into GDPR documentation. At the end of the process, the user can review the suggestions made by the platform and can comment and change them. This way the platform gets more and more smarter, having better suggestions.
Another important technical functionality is the continuous updates and guides and tutorials that make sure that the SME and its personnel remain updated with the latest data protection practices, obligations and procedures.
The platform leverages state of the art technology, by combining an Expert System that has the knowledge from the start on offering suggestions based on the type of the business of the client with an AI system that continuously “learns” from the user’s input, providing even better suggestions and lowering the time it takes to finalise the GDPR compliance process through Start GDPR.
The platform also manages the communication with data subjects and stakeholders (clients, employees, partners, suppliers,…) in a digital and easy way.
Added value of the innovation
FAST & EASY: the platform is easy to use, making use of plain words – you don’t need to know “legalese” and the user is guided all the way through smart suggestions.
CONVENIENT: reduced costs (4 to 8 times less expensive than a consultant);
Full GDPR compliance: generates fully personalised and ready to use GDPR documents along with detailed guides; continuous compliance through updates of the GDPR documents; guides and tutorials for SME personnel in order to ensure a full protection of data privacy.

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Bucharest, Romania
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