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Voxikids provides special exercises and online speech therapy enhancing child recovery from anywhere.


Developed with speech pathologists, Voxi Kids app is a bridge between education and health, that enables children to complete an interactive language game based on speech therapy exercises. It is an innovative and accessible product that can be used by qualified professionals for support during speech therapy sessions, but also by parents who wish to help their children improve at home. With over 200 hearing and speaking exercises, Voxi Kids can also be a great tool in helping little kids develop their vocabulary.
Voxi kids is also presented as an example of a revolutionary digital product for the health sector as it will also use Speech Recognition for special therapy exercises and Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning for automatically monitoring activity and recommending the best exercises suited for each kid.
Voxi Kids offers our clients:
1. Significant financial savings
2. Relevant content developed by professionals
3. A reduction in hearing/language rehabilitation time
4. Quality time spent with the child
5. Improved communication between SPL’s and parents
6. Access to a wide number of support materials
7. Management tools for the therapist

The SaaS web platform for speech therapist cabinets will offer:
1. Offer the possibility to save time by organizing their activity (patient forms, results, progress monitoring, reports, etc)
2. Offer the possibility to customize and monitor (via reporting) the exercises done by the patients at home or in the cabinet, enabling them to make faster progress and/or consolidate.
3. Remove the stress and frustration of not knowing what kinds of speech development „exercises” to do at home with the child, while the child’s recovery doesn’t have to depend solely on their weekly speech therapy session.

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