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WebVenture Development
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

We are proficient in web development, e-commerce platforms, custom applications and in online marketing (SEO, PPC, integrated campaigns)


What we do:
– Consultancy, Project Management and Analysis for Software projects;
– Onsite developers or dedicated teams;
– Custom Software, Web and Mobile Development;
– E-commerce customizations using top platforms or custom developing;
– Software and web integrations;
– Maintenance and support.

Why we stand out of the crowd:
– Thorough business analysis and in-depth functional specification, thanks to our colleagues that are experienced building in large-scale enterprise and e-government solutions
– Careful planning and solid architectural solutions;
– Constantly learning and being up to date with the latest technologies;
– A development team that is passionate and serious;
– Great communication skills and English proficiency.

How we’re doing it:
Scrum is an agile methodology that is suited for projects with rapidly changing or highly emergent requirements. Scrum software development progresses via a series of sprints, which last from one to four weeks. Each sprint begins with a brief planning meeting and concludes with a review. Our method brings several advantages:
– Project can respond easily to change
– Problems are identified early
– Customer gets most beneficial work first
– Work done will better meet the customers’ needs
– Improved productivity
– Ability to maintain a predictable schedule for delivery

Core competencies for custom development:
– Extensive Business Analysis, Software Requirements Specification, and Prototyping expertize;
– Software Consulting and Project Management;
– Backend development using PHP, Java and .NET;
– Database engines such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Server and Oracle;
– HTML5 Responsive Web Design using Bootstrap or custom boilerplates;
– UX automation using Javascript, jQuery;
– UI styling w/ CSS3, LESS or SASS.

The team
We believe that every successful project starts with thoroughly gathering and understanding the business needs. The next step is to design the most suitable software architecture to support the development process. Then we start building together on top of this solid foundation.

Multiple development sprints and early feedback successfully drive us to the completion of the project, with the careful assistance of our quality assurance colleagues.

We are Webventure Development. We build software with a focus: to deliver the right business tools for our partners.

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56, Dionisie Lupu Street
Bucharest, Romania
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