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UX Bucharest
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania
From: 10/15/2015 to: 10/17/2015

UX Bucharest 2015 - Because experience matters


UX Bucharest is the first User Experience Design Conference in Romania. It takes place on the 15th, 16th and 17th October, in the heart of Bucharest. It brings a lineup of the top industry speakers and facilitators, experts from the United States, Canada or Europe, who will deliver speeches and run workshops during the three days, bringing the local market to a fresh view of UX Design at international standards.

All interested in creating user friendly and intuitive products, from UXDesign experts, to managers, product managers, designers and entrepreneurs, will have the opportunity to learn from professionals with impressive knowledge, gained within companies like Adobe and The Republic of Quality.

This unique event has been created as a response to the UXD communities’ requests. The 3 days event is comprised of 6 half-day workshops, where the attendees will have the opportunity to learn how to create “customer journeys” or how they can upgrade from idea to a successful product, clear ideas on how to create “customer journeys” or how to build up solid strategies. is created in partnership with Adobe, Bitdefender and other sponsors. Tickets are available at
The conference from October 16th, 2015, will take place at Biavati Conference Hall, were 250 UX enthusiasts will gather for the event, while the workshops will be held at Epoque Hall.

For more details please access or contact the organizers at

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