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Never lose a sale!


The story behind the startup is this : after 10 years spent in sales for companies such as Siemens or Vodafone but also some smaller ones I realized that following up on sales calls is the single biggest reason that leads to success. You are expected as a salesman to make tens of calls each day for finding prospects but half of those calls don’t get answered or are being postponed for reasons related to not being a good time to talk on the mobile phone. So keeping track of hundreds of recurrent calls is difficult especially when traveling to/from the customer.

So I decided to find a tool to help me, and since I didn’t find any (even the mighty lacks this feature) I decided to build one. We started on Symbian in 2010 but scraped the idea after launching it and being hacked the second day we posted the app on (we were planning to make millions with it.
So we pivoted slightly and decided to give the app for free and charge the sales managers for analytics.
We switched to Android since Symbian died in the mean time and plan to release beta soon .

But we went to HowtoWeb and received tremendous positive feedback except the whole thing can be copied very easily which makes it un-attractive to invest.
Which kind of sucked again.

So we pivoted slightly, again , and decided to build the biggest call center in the world for the use of startups alone.
Why have 500 seats call center of talking “robots” when we can build a platform that connects startups and their digital products to sales professionals around the world that use our CallReScheduler app (which is essentially a call center function on your mobile phone) to sell directly to customers in their own country in their native language?

So, now we try to raise some capital (50k) to power up the , a place for “gladiators” in sales that not only make a commission on each sale but also are awarded by stars and stripes in the community by proven track record of sales.
This is huge for sales professionals since there is no other way to attest their capabilities in sales.

Funding to date
Between 10-50
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