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City: Krakow
Country: Poland

Universal interface for Internet of Things & M2M


DeviceH​ub.​net is a cloud service that allows makers and companies to easily connect their Internet-enabled hardware projects to a dashboard for data gathering and data analysis, remote control and sending alerts based on events or triggers. Our core service is a set of modular and extensible APIs which allow clients to get d​at a in and d​ata out of the platform. The platform is integrable with any kind of hardware and it is specially designed for smart metering, fleet management, medical industry, solar energy, factories, home automation, IoT makers, automotive, wearables etc.

Our golden rule: Connect and Control everything. Open source hardware allows the use more than 200 sensor and development boards types existing on the market creating a gateway from the platform to almost any device that works with electricity enabling it to be controlled and monitored over the Internet. By now we have about 1500 worldwide active users mostly from hardware and mobile development who are validating our platform.

We offer a PaaS (Platform as a Service) through which the hardware/mobile developer can connect and remotely manage multiple devices. This has enabled individuals and SMEs to rapidly develop systems for fleet management, intelligent vending machines, global container tracking, wearable electronics and many others*. The platform also provides a scalable enterprise cloud solution – including infrastructure, interconnectivity, and centralized administration – for hardware vendors and device manufacturers.

*Industrial automation systems Start-up Portfolio:

- packaging systems for corrugated metal sheets;
- holographic labeling system for pharmaceutical packaging line;
- automated ventilation system;
– remote energy metering;
– intelligent garbage collection system;
– alternative energy metering system;
– cereals granary monitoring system;
– public transport fleet management;
– security systems;
- quality of life sensor array;
– factory automation with data gathering and remote control of technological processes;
– wearable electronics.

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Przemysłowa 12/IVP
Krakow, Poland

Constantin Craciun
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Cristiana Bogateanu
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