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IT Jobs Academy


IT Jobs Academy – first coding school in Romania to develop a coding bootcamp program.

We deliver state of the art services in IT Education:
Corporate Training – client oriented Java training at all levels:beginners, intermediate, advanced. Steep return on investment is guaranteed to those corporations who are willing to invest and grow their people.

Full time classes (Bootcamp) – 16 weeks intensive full time onsite programming training in Java and related technologies which is designed to get graduates job-ready by the end of the program. We help them find a job as entry level programmers, too.

Part time classes (Seral) – 6 months evening course for those who are looking to accelerate their career curve or make a professional change, but are not willing to commit full time to our Java Bootcamp course.

Elite classes (on demand only) – organize free classes for outstanding talent.

International full time classes (International Bootcamp) – intensive coding bootcamp for international students; the program combines the candidates’ passion for IT with the desire to travel, discover new places and step out of the comfort zone while being exposed to cultural diversity.

HR outsourcing – project based outsourcing of professionally trained junior developers.

HR recruitment services – full time employment per comission of junior developers. We offer 360 degrees feedback about their technical and soft skills in order to help companies find the perfect candidate for their business.

Our students have been successfully placed at IBM, EA Games, Deutsche Bank, Siveco, ING, Unicredit Business Integrated Solutions, Accenture, Softvision, Qualysoft, IT Smart Systems, ByteMobile, Misys, Posta Romana, Binovate, BMP Wave, Cloud Research, PJ Interactive and many more.

Funding to date
Between 10-50
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Web address
2 Padesu Street, 3rd Floor
Bucharest, Romania
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