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Your Glimpse into the Future - Crypto Sentiment, Alerts & Portfolio!


StockBerry App is designed to help traders save time by scanning millions of tweets and news and show them how positive or negative the market sentiment is + many other goodies (like news, portfolio management, market data, technical indicators, etc).
The application is a mobile application Android and iOS and planing to have the web version as well.
The application now has 4 main modules:
SENTIMENT INDICATOR: Using social media and news feeds we use our custom made AI model to compute a sentiment indicator and display a graphical representation of its evolution
NEWS FEED: The user is able to see the latest news aggregated from all the top media agencies for his portfolios or chosen securities
MARKET DATA: You can see financial data, technical indocators and advanced charts for both Stock & Crypto.
PORTFOLIO: Using advanced statistics we calculate a portfolio risk considering securities correlations. The user can also see relevant statistics regarding the evolution of his portfolio
Future features:
ALERTS: The user can configure specific alerts starting from google trends, sentiment indicator, technical indicators.
FUNDAMENTALS: We want to provide the user a 360 view of a security (News, sentiment indicator, technical analysis and fundamentals). The user will be able to search for companies based on fundamental indicators like P/E, P/B, EPS, EBITDA and much more.
PREDICTIONS: From financial price history we compute different technical indicators that together with the sentiment indicator, fundamentals and google trends are entry points into an AI model that will predict future trends for specific securities.
We founded the company in June 2017 and we started working full time at the beginning of December 2017. I started the company because I think, with our vast experience and good track record in IT (including machine learning and artificial intelligence), we can add value in the financial markets sector and, in time, create a strong brand in the industry.
The problem that we see and our application is solving is that on the short term social media and news have a big impact over the financial sector, and having to read all those tweets and news takes a lot of time, hence this needs to be automated.
Another problem that we solve is having combined stock and crypto in same portfolio and calculations.

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